Legal Shield – Bill & Michele Suepke

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Running a business requires a lot of skills and expertise and Small Business owners have the same challenges large Corporations do.  Whether it is hiring/firing/training employees, creating and implementing a marketing plan and web presence, being compliant with State and Federal rules and regulations, acquiring and keeping clients… The list goes on and on!

LegalShield Business Solutions offers a suite of services designed to assist today’s Small Business owners with those challenges without the high costs usually associated with working with skilled professionals.

First, LegalShield provide access to a full Law Firm, just a phone call away, to ensure that daily decisions are made with knowledge and accuracy.  Our Attorneys will research and answer questions, review contracts and documents, write letters and even take care of debt collection issues.  No matter which area of law – tax, compliance, employment and more – our Attorneys are available to assist on a daily basis with guaranteed call back within 4 business hours or less.

Paired with our GoSmallBiz Consultant Service, which provide access to experienced business consultants in every area, the Small Business owner and its key people have resources to handle ALL facets of daily management.  Whether it is job descriptions, employee handbooks, IT and marketing, training and more.  No more guessing… all concerns are addressed by experienced business consultants.

LegalShield and IDShield also offers protection for employees – individuals and their families – through a voluntary employee benefit taking care of their personal worries to ensure that they stay productive and focused on the job.

For the past 10 years, Bill Suepke, your local representative, has made it his mission to help Small Business Owners grow and protect their business and their employees.”

Bill Suepke, Excutive Director  (253.230.9962 ~ Office)